As a functional and integrative dietitian,
I believe that the body is like a tree: when the roots are strong and healthy, the branches and leaves will flourish and thrive.
I peek under the foundation and down into the roots to see how we can make them stronger and more stable to support the whole tree. Working with a functional practitioner can help you uncover solutions to health conditions such as autoimmune disorders, fatigue, gastrointestinal discomfort, inflammation, mood disorders, nervous system irregularities, and more.

Cindy Klinger, MS, RDN, LDN
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I don’t believe in diets, but rather in a lifestyle that highlights whole, fresh foods that support your optimal health. And I always think there is some wiggle room for indulgences that make life a little more exciting. I’ll help you create this balance by finding the right mix of foods and lifestyle tweaks that work for your unique body.


Autoimmune health disorders like Hashimoto’s, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and others often respond well to specific dietary and lifestyle changes. Following such a plan can help you heal your gut and strengthen your immune system. We’ll figure out a personalized approach that works best for you, since no one diet will work to manage and reduce everyone’s symptoms in the same way. After taking some foods out of your diet, we’ll add them back in systematically, and get you tested to see what you’re sensitive to so you can maintain great health!


Food sensitivity testing identifies reactions to foods and food chemicals that may be contributing to chronic health conditions and painful symptoms you are experiencing. If you have digestive issues, headaches or migraines, body aches, skin problems, autoimmunity and/or inflammation, food sensitivities could be a key contributing factor. We’ll work to identify these and then walk through a protocol that will help reduce or eliminate symptoms.


Gas, bloating, cramps…these are unfortunately commonplace but not “normal.” Digestive complaints can be the result of a number of underlying conditions, so we’ll dig to discover what’s at the root of your specific concerns. We may have to pull some foods out of your diet temporarily or permanently while healing your gut with nutritional and nutraceutical support.


Recent research has indicated that depression is an allergic reaction to inflammation in the body. Depression and other mental health conditions have a strong link to the health of your gut. Let me help you come up with a plan to use targeted nutrition support, testing when necessary and supplements to help you feel your best mentally and emotionally.

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where you can find health nuggets on a variety of topics, new product finds, my own experiments in the kitchen and much more!

Movin’ On

Movin’ On

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Rewarding Reminders

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How Not to Die

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