Thanks for stopping by. I started this blog (and became a dietitian) because I think the concept of taking your health into your own hands is empowering and exciting. I don’t think you should expect to get pains, aches, fatigue, weight gain and diseases as you get older just because you’re moving along in this thing called life. I would love it if instead, we expected to live with grace, elegance, joy, abundance and radiant health. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles in today’s world that get in the way of that: stress, toxins, pollution, unhealthy food and imbalances in the body. But there are so many tools at our disposal (including me as your guide!) to bring us closer to a balanced state of health and well-being.

What’s the HAPPY Diet?

We’re all familiar with the melancholy acronym for the typical American diet: SAD (the Standard American Diet). It’s the meat and potatoes, burgers and fries, pizza and fast food that is offered us at every turn. It looks and tastes sad, it makes us sad, and it’s a sad state of affairs. My mission and tagline strive to burst out of that disappointing bubble by “eating for happiness.” Which is why I had to share what my friend texted me the other day: “There’s the SAD diet. I am on the HAPPY diet: Healthy and prolonging peak years.” I LOVE that because it really sums up what the goal of eating well is all about, feeling as full of life as you can for as long as possible. Here’s to hoping your connection to this blog gets you a bit closer to that goal!

How do I become HAPPY?

The food we put into our mouths at least three times a day (and let’s be honest, it’s usually way more than that) nourishes or degrades all of the cells in our body, either feeding illness or supporting healing and regeneration. You may have heard the phrase that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. What you choose to eat every day helps your body and mind react with strength to the plethora of assaults it receives daily. One of the areas I want to emphasize with my work is the gut-brain connection. So many people are suffering with anxiety, depression, stress, ADHD and other complications of the mind, and I know that what you eat and supplement with can have a dramatic and positive effect on our thought process and our resilience. Of course eating lots of fruits, vegetables and clean proteins and drinking purified water are all important. But there are many other lifestyle factors and specific eating habits that are necessary to take your health to the next level. Another cool thing? Just when you think you’ve tried everything, there are new advances on the horizon: genetic testing, targeted beneficial bacteria and other outside-the-box thinking. Please be in touch and continue to follow me to keep learning about this information, helpful hints, product finds and much more!

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