Cindy keeps me on track, which isn’t always an easy task with me.  She always has helpful hints to keep me going and to try new things I never would have done on my own.

I have been able to keep my weight off because I want to give her a good report. She is always punctual and makes me feel like she has all the time in the world to talk to me. She is a very pleasant person to talk with. I not only want to thank her for helping me over the years but for always giving me new ideas on issues she thinks will be helpful for me. I feel she is not only my nutritionist but a dear friend.

Sandy B.

I’ve had the good fortune of working with Cindy for well over a year as part of our company wellness program. Her sound and practical advice on diet, nutrition, exercise, dietary supplements and wellness in general have proven to be very helpful. Her encouragement, support and guidance have helped me to adopt a much healthier lifestyle. I’m pleased with the results I have accomplished over the past year. I’ve been able to lose a significant amount of weight; I am healthier and more energetic. Cindy has definitely played a very important role in my success. I still have more to accomplish, but am confident that with the knowledge I have gained from Cindy (and with her continued assistance) I will continue to make significant progress toward my goals.

Ed L.

Thank you so much for your excellent recommendations to improve my overall health! Adopting important adjustments to my diet that you encouraged has made me feel significantly better. The supplements I now use upon your guidance also improved my digestion.

You’re a great listener, and spent significant time to help identify solutions to my health.

Thanks Cindy!

Bart L.

I am an experienced social worker well-versed in supporting others as they grapple with patterns of dysfunctional coping. And as fate would have it, my personal wound surrounds deprivation of food and self-love. The width and depth of my wound found me hospitalized twice as an adult due to malnutrition and life-threatening depression, and even after gaining weight in the hospital and being released, the underlying psychological and emotional issues remained a constant battle, often impacting my food intake, my energy and the core sense of my value. Cindy’s expertise, kindness, knowledge, compassion and playfulness as I struggled–not only with food but with an underlying belief that I didn’t even deserve to take up space in the world–was an integral turning point in my healing process. Our conversations were genuine and caring. She helped me to be ready to change, and to change in a way that continues to inform my decisions today. Cindy helped me find the place inside where it is safe to love myself and to sustain myself and to even allow abundance into my life. She is an intelligent, non-judgmental, creative, free thinker, a woman who responds with intuition coupled with knowledgeable experience. She helped me find myself, my strength, my loving heart. I highly recommend her to those seeking a healthy balance, people hoping to create a new internal and behavioral understanding of who they are behind the disorder. Cindy is the bomb.

Kathe B.

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