Eating well is vital for a healthy body and mind, but you and I know it’s more than that: it should also be soul-nourishing. My emphasis is on making the foods you eat pleasurable and enjoyable.

Nutrition Coaching Services

My services are a perfect fit for you if you need help with…


Digestive discomfort and disorders


Food sensitivities


Weight management


HPA axis dysfunction


High cholesterol/high blood pressure


Autoimmune disease


Toxic overload/burden






Brain wellness (depression, anxiety, ADHD)

Specialty Services

Lab Testing

Depending on your symptoms, I may suggest one or more lab tests to determine what is happening beneath the surface, and to discover what imbalances are contributing to your symptoms. This may include vitamin and mineral testing, stool testing, food sensitivity testing, and more.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivity testing identifies reactions to foods and food chemicals that may be contributing to chronic health conditions and painful symptoms. If you have digestive issues, headaches or migraines, body aches, skin problems, autoimmunity and/or inflammation, food sensitivities could be a key contributing factor. We’ll work to identify these and then walk through a protocol that will help reduce your symptoms.

Amino Acid Therapy

Individual amino acid supplements can help balance neurotransmitters in the brain to calm the mind and create more stillness, and reduce anxiety, stress and depression. They can also work to manage sugar cravings and other addictive behaviors, help you get more sleep, and more.

Environmental/Seasonal Allergy Testing and Support

Identifying and reducing your reactions to seasonal and/or environmental allergies can provide much-needed relief and calm one of the sources of inflammation in your body. There are also foods that cross-react with these allergens, and learning which foods to avoid to lessen the severity of these allergies can make a difference in your quality of life, particularly during allergy seasons. The test is simple, and the personalized sublingual immunotherapy is needle-free–instead, it just involves a few daily drops under the tongue.

Fridge & Pantry Assessment

Grocery Store

Ask me about plant-based essential oils

These supportive (and aromatic) tools support your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Used across diverse cultures for many centuries, these distilled liquids have the capacity to help manage a variety of illnesses and to kill bacterias, viruses and fungi. They can help soothe bites, loosen muscle tension, minimize growths, stimulate nerve regeneration and much more. They also work to lift your mood, strengthen your energy and lessen feelings of negativity. For any struggle you can think of, an essential oil or essential oil blend can be a wonderful complement to other modalities.

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