Do you ever feel like staying on top of your health is a full-time job? We need to walk 10,000 steps, drink  8 glasses of water, and eat at least 5 servings of vegetables a day–not to mention all the other stuff we have to do…phew! I’ve recently learned about/tried a few new ways to make those goals not only more attainable, but more fun. Hopefully you’ll feel the same. Thanks to my client/colleague for the info and inspiration.

Hidrate Spark. Not meeting your hydration needs? Get too busy at work to remember to sip that water? This water bottle actually glows when you need to drink, and helps you celebrate when you meet those goals. It syncs to fitness apps like Fitbit, and comes in a variety of colors. What a great idea!

Fitbit. I know, this one has been around for a while, but I’m just joining the Fitbit bandwagon, and I love it! It tracks more than just steps, but also sleep trends, exercise, heart rate and food intake. It keeps me accountable to myself, and if I see I’m just short of my steps goal, I push myself to walk more just to be able to congratulate myself. It also reminds you to move if you’re sitting on your behind for too long, tracks averages and spurs you along with encouraging messages. You can join groups to create competitions, too. There are different versions, starting with a basic option.

Sweatcoin. Get this–you can actually get PAID to walk! Outside. I’ve already made more than $10, thank you very much, in less than a week just from doing what I would be doing anyway. I plan to make more once it gets warmer in Chicago and I’m spending more time outdoors. The app uses cryptocurrency (basically an online form of money) that you can cash in for real-world gifts, or a PayPal exchange. If that doesn’t get you moving, I don’t know what will! Apparently there are other similar apps, like Bitwalking and Pact. Join one and get paid ASAP! App only.

What else gets you motivated and moving? Let me know at [email protected].



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