Energy bars are convenient little doses of fuel that can come in super handy when we need to eat something on the go. Unfortunately, many are packed with ingredients that I recommend avoiding, like soy protein isolate, too much sugar or artificial sugars, and other unsavory ingredients.

I recently tried these Primal Kitchen bars, and have been talking about them ever since. Containing only 3 grams of sugar (thanks to monk fruit extract, which does not raise your blood sugar levels), nuts and seeds, and grass-fed collagen, they boast 15 grams of protein and are filling enough to keep you satisfied for a few hours. They also aren’t sticky sweet like some other bars.

You can find them online here; grab a free six-pack of the dark chocolate almond variety. They come in four flavors, but I’m partial to the dark chocolate almond and the chocolate hazelnut (I’m a chocolate girl all the way).

If you try them, I’ll be curious to know what you think, and if you like them as much as I do!

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