“To enjoy the flavor of life, take big bites.” –Robert Heinlein

Hi foodie friends,

I apologize for being MIA for a while. I have some news…I’m moving to the Bay Area in California! I’m looking forward to year-round farmers markets, an innovative and progressive food scene, and being close to amazing hiking, skiing, natural beauty and most importantly, my family. So I’ve been super busy with all the planning, unloading, donating, house hunting, etc. that goes along with that. I’m also trying to savor my last summer in the Midwest, as well as spend time with friends. I will come back to my business with fresh ideas to share!

As I’ve been sorting through all my things, I have come across some papers and exams from grad school, notebooks filled with useful and not-so-useful information, old projects and presentations I put together and helped facilitate. Below is one collage I compiled from a few of my favorite health-related magazines about some of the benefits of eating the rainbow.

Please feel free to email me with thoughts, questions and comments, and I’ll be back in touch once I’m settled in!

Happy eating,


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