If you feel overwhelmed by planning your meals and having to make at least 3 meals every.single.day over and over again, you’re not alone. Lately, I’ve been talking to clients about this very topic and trying to help them come up with strategies to make it less cumbersome.

Below are some apps, tips and tools to help:

5 meal-planning apps to save the day:

  • Make My Plate: This app includes visual meal plans with meal and snack ideas based on your calorie needs, restaurant picks and shopping lists
  • Mealime: Choose an eating style that works for you plus allergies, serving sizes and preferences, and Mealime creates a shopping list and meal ideas based on your needs.
  • 8Fit: You can schedule personalized workouts based on your health and fitness goals. There are free or low-fee options to get upgraded services, like touchstones with a personal fitness coach.
  • Meal Planner Pal: This app uses reminders and allows you to organize a recipe library and create your own plans rather than creating them for you. It’s a great organizational tool.
  • Pepperplate: Arrange your shopping list based on the way you shop, share recipes on social media and with friends, and change portions easily to adapt recipes. This is an easy-to-use platform that simplifies the cooking process from start to finish.

For those of you who might not want to use an app, you can find most of these online as well.

To read some more great ideas for meal-planning strategies and ideas, check out this article.

It’s great to save time, but how about saving money too? Whole Foods has an app you can use at checkout for savings and discounts. Try others like SnipSnap, Krazy Coupon Lady or The Coupons App to save as you shop.
Do you have other ideas? Please share them so I can spread the word!

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