Thanksgiving marks the start of holiday season, and with that, some anxiety around food and how to maintain health and weight-loss efforts. In that spirit, here are my top tips on staying on track over the holiday season.

And, I’m grateful for you all! Thanks for your support and interest, and commitment to health.

  • Stay active. Exercising during the next few months is a key in maintaining your hard-earned weight loss, and doing so on big days like Thanksgiving and Christmas will make you feel better and help slash some calories when indulging a little more.
  • If you’re bringing a dish or two, load it with veggies and lighter fare–you’ll be guaranteed to have some healthy options.
  • Don’t avoid eating all day until the big meal–this actually sets you up to binge more later on. Start your day with a healthy breakfast that’s heavier on protein, and have a light snack a couple of hours before the gathering begins to help you choose better and lighter later in the day.
  • Drink water before placing any food on your plate–it will help fill you up your stomach a bit and slow you down, making you more conscious of your edible choices.
  • Eat veggies and some protein first, and take small tastes of indulgences. If there are appetizers, pace yourself and save some room for the main meal.
  • Practice mindful eating habits; take a deep breath before eating, chew slowly, put your fork down between bites and spend time talking with family and friends.
  • Between alcoholic beverages, drink at least once glass of water.
  • Spread out the calories throughout the day–you can go back for seconds after a few hours of playing in the yard with kids, nieces or nephews, etc. Go for a walk with the family, and then have a bit more food later in the day, rather than eating everything at once.

Most of all, enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!

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