If you’re anything like me, sometimes your fridge gets a little packed, you forget about the beautiful cherries on the middle shelf, and new produce piles on top of the old. Just like the rest of your house, over-packed spaces can add unneeded stress and according to Chinese feng shui principles, block abundance and fortune. Feng Shui is a system of Chinese laws that recommend how to set up physical arrangements in order to allow energy to move freely and create harmony in the home or other space.

I was talking to a client recently about how her cluttered kitchen was preventing her from feeling like she had the space (literal and mental) to cook healthy meals for herself and make good choices about what to eat. Pulling a pint of ice cream from the freezer can seem easier when your sink is overflowing with dishes and you can’t find a clean pan.

A clear and clean kitchen and fridge sets the stage for your decisions and actions around food, and allows you to truly nourish yourself well. Here are a few steps to take for a saner space (it’s on my to-do list too!):

  1. Avoid an empty fridge. Not only does this often force a call for take-out, Feng Shui experts say it symbolizes lack. You want prosperity in your life, right? Abundance begets abundance.
  2. But don’t keep it too full. Throw away rotten or spoiled food, and make sure it’s not so stuffed you can’t see what’s inside drawers or on shelves. Old food blocks positive qi or energy and can instead attract more negative energy into the home.
  3. Follow the FIFO rule: First in, first out. Try placing older food in front and new items in the back so you’ll use up the older items first.
  4. Continue to organize the inside of your refrigerator regularly to allow energy to flow freely.
  5. What’s on and near the fridge are also important. According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, the refrigerator should not face the kitchen door, and it should also not be placed near the stove (the fridge represents water energy, so having it next to the fire energy of the stove is opposing and does not create balance). It’s also not advised to keep other electrical equipment on top of the fridge (I am used to keeping my blender on the top for easy access, so will have to make some adjustments on this one!).

How has keeping your kitchen clean and organized affected your health and wealth? Let me know!

For more information and a step-by-step guide, watch these videos.

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