I encourage my clients to think about their blood sugar…as I’ve learned more and more about how important it is and how connected it is to many other health considerations, I have made it one of my No. 1 topics to address. It’s not just something people with diabetes have to think about. Our blood sugar affects our mood, energy levels, hormones, healthy aging, stress and more. Optimal fasting blood sugar levels should stay below 90 mg/dl.

The good news is that food is the No. 1 factor in managing your blood sugar response. Top tips for keeping it balanced include:

  • Eat breakfast
  • Make sure to eat every 4 hours
  • Include protein (animal based or nuts, nut butters, seeds, dairy, eggs, etc.) with meals and snacks
  • Eat before and after a workout
  • Eat a minimally processed, anti-inflammatory diet with healthy fats, high fiber and whole foods
  • Watch your portion sizes (a serving of rice is 1/2 cup, and instead of a potato or sweet potato, opt for a half)

Regular exercise, rest and relaxation, sleep and stress relief are also critical components to managing steady blood sugar levels. Interested in learning more about how supplements can further support your efforts? Schedule an appointment by emailing [email protected].

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