Resolved to feel healthier and happier in the New Year? Here are 7 apps that can hold you accountable and help you reach your goals.

  • 10% Happier: Billing itself as offering meditations for fidgety skeptics, this app not only has an array of guided meditations to choose from, but timely topics like election stress, exposure to media and self-judgement (which may just be a national phenomenon). Free meditations are available, but there are many more options with the paid version.
  • 8fit: This is an exercise, meal and habit tracker that has both free and paid versions. Both options include tools to keep you motivated and inspired, with individualized goals to keep your eye on.
  • HabitBull: Looking to build–or break–habits? This is the app for you. You can personalize your patterns and keep notes on your daily discipline.
  • Sleep Better details your day-to-day routines and how they affect your sleep. It takes into account dreams, optimal waking time and the moon phase.
  • Locavore: If you’d like to become more of a locavore, this app can help you get there. It tells you what foods are local and in season based on your location. Chicago has vastly different produce in season than Florida!
  • Fooducate: This is a great app to find truly healthy packaged foods. You can scan the bar code or type in the name of the item, and it will give you a “grade” and reasoning behind it. There’s also recipes, a community sharing area and more.
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch: Confused about which fish is the most sustainably caught and has the least amount of toxins? Monterey Bay is the most reliable source for this information. I rely on them at the grocery store and restaurants to discover which fish are the best for my body.
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